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Company Profile

Velkan is synonyms with the Agri , Horti , Flori, Tissue Culture and retail Industry in the country.
Our company is Renowned for its  Highest   Standards & Quality .

We use the best quality materials, manufacturing process and have a stringent quality control over our materials and manufacturing. We are  the largest manufacturers and have the highest range of products in all our categories .

We are also an environmentally conscious company and we do care about our surroundings and polluting  our environment. We use environmentally friendly Recyclable/Bio degradable Raw materials in all our products. In our manufacturing process we make sure that we do not waste resources like water and power. We recycle all our scrap generated and we also have invested in rain water harvesting and an eco friendly working environment.

Velkan continues to grow its product lines and we are continuously developing new products for seedling trays , plastic pots & packing materials . We welcome the opportunity to develop any customer specific design or solution that you are looking for.

"We would like to partner with your company/you for a better, pollution free, healthier and Prosperousness inclusive future for all."

Velkan is the leading  provider of formed seedling trays used in vegetable, ornamental, flori and paddy propagation.
Velkan is the leading provider of formed packing punnets/trays used for packing of fresh fruits..
Velkan is the leading provider of  Plastic pots and accessories used in orticulture , Tissue culture...
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