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Jayanti Chatterjee
Consultant-Corporate Communications
Max Hypermarket India Pvt. Ltd.

Engg has been a supplier of bio degradable, food grade HIPs trays for SPAR since the opening of the first SPAR store on Bannerghatta road in 2007. Theses trays are used for pre packs of meat, fish and poultry as well as fruit and vegetables and we have not experienced a single instance of a problem with regard to the quality of the product. The level of customer support and service provided by them has also been impeccable.
SPAR is now using the trays in all of the 5 outlets in South India and we wish them well’.
Rajesh Prasad
Sr. Manager - Buying & Merchandising
METRO Cash & Carry India
26/3 Industrial Suburbs,
'A' Block, Ward 9, Subramanya Nagar, Bangalore 560 055
"It has been a great support partnering with M/S Velkan Engg providing packaging support for merchandising fresh food at Metro Cash & Carry India since inception, when modern trade especially for fresh was non existent in India. Mr. Naveen has been proactive and always comes back to us with ideas providing the right cost effective solutions."
Velkan is the leading  provider of formed seedling trays used in vegetable, ornamental, flori and paddy propagation.
Velkan is the leading provider of formed packing punnets/trays used for packing of fresh fruits..
Velkan is the leading provider of  Plastic pots and accessories used in orticulture , Tissue culture...
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